Aughton’s Best Kept Secret !!!

Emails have been sent out to members who are being asked to assist with the leaflet door drop… containing a list which details where to deliver. A copy of the list is also pinned-up inside the clubhouse. The leaflets themselves are in a box in the kitchen.

An Open Day poster is also displayed in the clubhouse window. If you know of a suitable location(s) for the poster please contact Steve Jones, who has a supply in both A4 and A3 sizes.

Possible locations include shops, takeaways, pubs, post offices, libraries, coffee houses, cafe’s, church and village halls, GP and dental surgeries, social clubs, schools, workplaces… the list is endless!!!

If you know of one or more locations and can arrange for a poster to be put on display there, then please help… don’t assume that someone else might do it.

Contact me (Paul Milligan) if you need a quantity of the leaflets, aside from those which have been designated for the door drop.

Our membership has dropped over the past couple of years and new members are sorely needed… the future prosperity of the club depends upon bringing-in new blood.

Help us share the news about Aughton’s Best Kept Secret 🙂