First American Tournament of 2015



Despite a very heavy downpour earlier in the day, weather-watchers were out in force and the sun eventually appeared just in time for the first American Tournament of the 2015 season to go ahead as planned.

This was the first event under the ‘management’ of the Culshaw husband and wife team. Helena kept a firm hand on a typically unruly crowd in-between sessions… and Tony whipped up a more than passable Lasagne Verdi (including Gluten-free option!) for said mob to fight over afterwards.

Great tennis was enjoyed by all (fun but competitive!) and as can be seen from the attached picture, even Diane W. managed to suspend the chit-chat long enough to chalk up a respectable runner-up slot in the women’s section. Oh…and a couple of bottles from the Lindemans cellar headed in the respective directions of a steady Graham C. and Elaine ‘even money odds’ Conlin.

Rumours of a 7-Course Tony Culshaw Special for the next tournament may be slightly exaggerated… although the writer would be prepared to dig even deeper into his pocket if necessary 😉