UPDATE: Doubles Play is Allowed

The LTA have updated their guidance since the government announced the further easing of their restrictions and now refer to us returning to ‘Managed Play’.  


The  essential changes for us is that doubles play is permitted from Monday 1st June 2020 with four people from different households.  The guidance for players indicates updated advice for maintaining social distance such as agreeing who should take balls down the centre of the court.  There is also updated advice contained regarding tennis ball use which can now be on a shared basis with good hand hygiene. Players do not now need to use their own clearly marked tennis balls. However, if you choose to use shared balls extra care must be taken to ensure you do not touch your face during play and you should clean your hands using use alcohol hand gel both before and immediately after play.  Please read the LTA player guidance carefully noting the updated sections to protect us all from Covid 19.


The booking system has been updated to allow booking for up to two hours as per the original rules.  The maximum slots that can be booked in any rolling 7 day period will remain at 2 as the committee consider more members will use the opportunity to play now that doubles is permitted. 

Coaching for up to 6 people (including the coach) at a time can now commence and Ben will be updating our risk assessment for this before announcing any group sessions. We still await updated guidance on whether the number of sessions per day will be restricted.

The remaining guidance below is still in place and amended for this return to managed play period.

All the nets on the hard courts are set at near the correct height as the net winders have been removed and they are checked three times a week by the groundsman.

The entrance gate requires only the use of the keypad and you should use disposable gloves and disinfectant  wipes when entering and exiting. Please keep the main gate closed at all times.

Before you visit the club, please ensure you have your own supply of disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser.

On entering the club grounds, please read the club rules relating to Covid-19 which are on the new noticeboard, just inside the entrance gate.

The Clubhouse facility remains closed as we do not have the resources to ensure the required cleaning and disinfecting regime for objects and surfaces that are high use indoors like the cloakroom facilities, doors handles, lights and token boxes. Fortunately, nights are getting lighter for longer as we go forward.

Booking is open and for this period of managed play has reverted to two hours maximum booking time but still requires a ten minutes crossover period which is more important with higher numbers of people coming and going.  Good news, the grass courts will open from Wednesday.  Booking will be available for court 2 & 4 only as the run off gaps between these three courts are below requirements.  Be aware that if it rains you will not be able to play on grass. 
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday booking is only available from 09.00 to allow the groundsman one hour of maintenance time on the hard courts.
The maximum number of booking slots remains at two per week per member.  Please try to avoid leaving a half hour gaps when booking. 

If you have a booking in the coming week and there is a gap before or after it you can cancel the booking and then rebook a two hour slot.

During this managed period of play parents of juniors will be able to book courts up to 4 days in advance.  Parents/guardians of junior/mini members have been emailed instructions separately for this.

Court 5 remains the coaching court which is allowed only on a 1:1 basis and groups of 6 in line with LTA coaching guidance.

Juniors aged 14 years and under may only play under the supervision of an accompanying adult who can ensure they keep to social distancing and other required measures.

No visitors are permitted during this period.

The first aid box is now situated outside in a marked plastic box under the clubhouse fire exit steps.

IMPORTANT: Do not come to ALTC to play tennis if Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of COVID-19, or you are in the most vulnerable category and have been advised to shield from the coronavirus.
Member Requirements for Safe Use of the Courts
Social Distancing
Keep 2 metres apart from anyone else at all times and in particular give way to those exiting at our entrance/exit and on the narrow pathways as the signs indicate.
Members can only play after booking a court via the Court Booking System. Members are not allowed to turn up at the club “on spec.”
Do not arrive early for your booked court time or congregate. 
Go on court 5 minutes after your booked time and leave five minutes before the end of your allotted time in order to prevent encounters with other members coming and going to the courts.
Leave immediately without congregating anywhere on our facility.
Hygiene Measures
Provide your own hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves and take your used waste material back home for disposal.
Practice public health advice for hygiene and in particular use hand sanitiser/disinfectant wipes before and after play.
Use a gloved hand and clean the keypad with disinfectant  wipes before and after use when operating the main gate
Clean your point of contact with court gate with disinfectant wipe before and after use and use gloved hand when opening / closing.
Use your own equipment and it is recommended that you sanitise racquets and water bottles before and after use.
Take only the minimum equipment required on court and make sure you take everything you brought with you away when leaving. This includes any waste material.
No items should not be placed on the net posts, keep all your possessions in your bag separate from others.
Each member may either continue to use their own balls or agree as a set to share tennis balls following the LTA guidance for this previously stated.
Dispose of any tennis balls at home.
All the bins around the club have been removed for the safety of the groundsman. 
Both singles and double play is permitted with players from different households.
Maintain a two-metre distance at all times during play and taking breaks.
No handshakes or other physical contact.
Avoid changing ends or agree to do so using opposite sides of the net.
Avoid going on to an adjacent court during play or to retrieve a ball if players are present on it.

Here is a link to a video Ben kindly offered to make for us to illustrate the venue requirements.
Coaching on a 1:1 basis is available in accordance with Ben Obong’s guidance which is in line with the LTA. Contact Ben to arrange.  Group coaching in line with the LTA updated guidance will commence once Ben has completed the risk assessment and organised his sessions.
The committee hope that more of you will now be able to enjoy getting back on court now that doubles play is permitted.

Thanks to those who have played so far and kept to the club and LTA guidance.  It was a shame the very day after we opened the winds came and the courts looked like a war zone!! Please continue to be responsible during this managed play period and keep to the guidelines and requirements so that collectively we can sustain keeping the club open for play.  

If you have any suggestions in the light of experience, please let one of the committee know and we can consider them.

This is an ever-changing situation which we are keeping under constant review. We will keep you informed if we find some things are not working and changes are required in the light of experience, if are able to move things further forward or in the event we have to shut down again.

My personal thanks on your behalf to all the committee and the new club captains today/this evening for giving their time to ensure we could expand our tennis opportunities in accordance with the updated LTA guidance from start of play tomorrow.
Stay alert, control the virus, save lives.

Helena Culshaw
On behalf of ALTC committee